BodyWork and Massage Therapy

Organic Oils and Heated towels.

Aromatherapy Therapy Wraps
90 minutes / $95.00   |   120 minutes / $150.00
Essential oils are discussed with the client and the practitioner will personalize a blend just for you. Essential oils are mixed in warmer-warm water for the soaking towels to be laid on your body and wrapped in layers of blankets for relaxation, detoxification and therapeutic results.  As you relax, a face and foot massage will be done. 

Circulatory Massage (Swedish Massage) 

60 minutes / $65.00   |   30 minutes / $40.00

The gliding strokes of Circulatory Massage stimulate the flow of fluids throughout the body's circulatory system, aiding delivery of oxygen and nutrients through the blood and waste elimination that govern heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and digestion, while the client is comfortably draped.

Hot Stone Therapy

90 minutes / $95.00   |   120 minutes / $150.00
During the massage, the therapist warms up the body with traditional circulatory massage , then massages you while holding a heated stone.  As the stone cools, the therapist replaces it with another. The therapist mignt also leave heated stones in specific points along your spine, in the palms of your hand, on your belly, or even between your toes to imiprove the flow of energy in your body.  

Neuromuscular Therapy
90 minutes / $95.00   |   60 minutes / $65.00

Neuromuscular therapy focuses particularly on the deprogramming of "Trigger point" in chronic pain syndromes. NMT addresses the pains and dysfunctions of the body's soft tissues. It focuses on those reflexes in the sensormotor system which registers and responds to irritation. Neuromuscular therapy has methodology for assessing and preventing soft tissue injuries and chronic pain.

Seitai Shiatsu

90 minutes / $95.00   |   60 minutes / $65.00
Lymphatic drainage is a tonifying massage, which it stimulates energy and moves fluids of blood and lymph. Shiatsu is the traditional therapeutic for of massage using deep penetration pressure to stimulate acupressure points.  Releasing these healing points opens the channels of energy and blood circulation to nourish the internal organs, glands, muscles, nerves and vital centers of the body. The treatment aim to restore the natural regulatory of the Lymph system and immune system.  Shiatsu uses thumbs fingers, palms, side of the hand or knuckles to apply steady, firm pressure for increasing the healing benefits. 

Thai Massage

120 minutes / $150.00   |   90 minutes / $95.00   |   60 minutes / $65.00
Thai Massage is a beautiful and elegant healing modality dating back 2,500 years. Traditional Thai Massage is performed in a quiet meditative atmosphere on a mat on the floor.  The client is dressed in loose comfortable clothing. Practitioners will utilize their thumbs, fingers, hands, elbows, knees and feet to manipulate and stimulate the body. 

TuiNa - Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC)

90 minutes / $95.00   |   60 minutes / $65.00
TuiNa utilizes the 2000 year old theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC). TuiNa is a medical method using the arms, hanks, fingers, elbows and knees as tools for treating disease and illnesses. I use techniques and manipulations to stimulate acupoint in its use of the meridian system. TuiNa is also used to protect health and build up body immunity, so that disease can be stopped in its beginning stages. TuiNa treatments are applied on top of loose clothing while lyin on your back, stomach or side. 

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Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy has been in practice for thousands of years and has evolved into a science of life.  Energy connection is needed to balance and grow our bodies to their fullest capacity. 



60 minutes / $70.00   |    each additional 1/2 hour / $40.00

Reiki is an energy and spiritual healing of the mind and body. Energy healing brings relief of pain and symptoms in the mind, body and emotions.  Spiritual healing connects one with Universal Consciousness bringing spiritual growth by balancing core patterns and issues and helping one remember the fullness of "Who they Are". 

Gem Stone Therapy

60 minutes / $75.00   |   each additional 1/2 hour $40.00

​Gemstone therapy is a vibrational energy session in relations to one's own environment.  In essence this means that gemstone energy interacts with our energetic field to produce certain therapeutic effects.  Gemstones have vibrational properties that can correspond to our body, emotions, mind and aura.  It is believed that all illness beings first within the aura of the body.  Maintenance of the aura by gemstone therapy will prevent any disease from entering into the physical body. If dis-ease has already entered the body, the gemstones will begin their work on shrinking the dis-ease and creating balance back within the body.  

Removal of Dense/Solid Energies

60 minutes / $75.00   |   each additional 1/2 hour $40.00

The removal of dense energy process is a way of clearing energy paths that are stuck or slow down.  Transforms heavy-energies into light.  This is also a metaphor for saying that it transforms emotional wounds into sources of power and knowledge.  When an energy pattern is stuck or we can't let something go, we repeat experiences and can't move forward.  Clearing this energies will help you let go and move to your highest good.  Then you are ready to experience another lesson. 

Dying Consciously

2 hour each session / $150.00 (over a series of 4-6 months)

Dying Consciously is a review of ones life course.  Learning how to live well and die well.   The process you will experience will be over a course of 4-6 months. Each session is designed for your needs, which will include: 

Reiki-Chakra cleansing, Life Altar, Recapitulation and Forgiveness, Writing your obituary, Lifting the luminous body, Reconciliation, Spirit flight, Integration. 

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