"Addiction is the separation of spirit  from our human experiences"    ​Sue Betts

Women IN Addiction Workshop

This workshop can be created for your group.  If you are interested in learning about healing the body,mind and spirit with understanding and practice, this is the workshop for your group. 

This weekend is a collective thought process from the ancient teachings of many Shamans and Masters.  Learn how to transform your life with the knowledge of our ancestors and understand how we have a natural self-healing capacity to learn.  Learn how to recognize the pain patterns we create over time and how you can change into your Inherent True Self.  Women IN Addiction will show you how you can evolve your own health into today's healing processes. You will gain a better understanding of the body's natural self-healing through ceremony, meditation, Yoga, Having fun, Ayurveda and Foods. 

During this insightful, fun and interactive weekend, you will have the ability to transform and empower your divine spirit to your own limitless potential. 

Join us on this sacred journey!

  • Experience the rituals and ceremonies of our teachers and Shamans.
  • Learn how your energy bodies work and support your own recovery in everyday life.
  • Learn how you can free your pain body.
  • Discover the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and understand the secrets of food, exercise and sleep.
  • Learn how to listen and be lead to your soul's highest good
  • Create the abundance you choose to BE! 

Requirements: Must be a woman currently in recovery from Alcoholism/Drugs and/or a woman who family members is in addictions.  

The Energy of the Soul always knows How to Heal itself


Co-Creating Who we are

These workshops are the results of a healing path that I have followed for over the last ten years.  Now, I'm ready to share my experiences and knowing with you. Listed below are the classes that I will be teaching and co-creating with other specialized teachers. The Workshops can be combined or condensed or expanded to fit your groups needs. 

  • Ceremony
  • Anatomy of Energy
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Ayurveda

To Contact Sue Betts for any questions and to setup a workshop for your group by phone 507-507-4309 or email pranalanesboro@gmail.com 

Fees: Dependent upon the size and length of time with the group. 

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